Recruitment Webinar: Collective Action Against Maritime Corruption in Pakistan

10th principle of UN Global Compact inspires business to work against corruption in all its forms as one of the basic tool for ensuring business sustainability in extremely competitive global market.
Global Compact Network Pakistan has now taken a major initiative in the form of Call for Action Against Corruption and Corruption Practices in the Maritime Industry of Pakistan in collaboration with Maritime Anti-corruption Networks (MACN) based in Geneva. Before formal launch of collective action programme, Global Compact Network Pakistan organized the first webinar of the series on 15th February 2022.
Mr. Martin Benderson, Associate Director, Collective Action & Partnership Development, MACN. In his presentation highlighted Why maritime corruption needs to be tackled and how MACN collective action works to meet the possible challenges. Mr. Mathis Bak, Compliance Tools Expert, MACN emphasised upon what Pakistan may want to achieve by collective action initiative.
Muhammad Najib Balagamwalla, Chairman, Seatrade Group of Companies described how he dealt with issues and challenges of corruption in maritime industry and identified gaps which are the case for corruption to the tune of around Rs 150M a year, which is almost ten percent of the total revenue earned by maritime sector. Mr. Tahir Hussian, Secretary General, All Pakistan Shipping Agents Association presented how it is possible for a shipping company to sustain by sticking to ethical values in otherwise corrupt environment.
Mr Majyd Aziz, President Global Compact Network Pakistan gave a comprehensive view of various dimensions of corruption in maritime industry showing his confidence that given the right initiative and interventions, the incidence of corruption may be largely addressed.
Mr. Fasihul Karim Siddiqi, Executive Director, Global Compact Network Pakistan who moderated the webinar suggested a way forward. He indicated that the collective action program will be launched in a face-to-face meeting with stakeholders in May, 2022 and a review of dialogues will be opened to engage private sector in identifying and addressing issues of corruption in maritime industry. He also emphasised upon the need of meaningful public private dialogue on the subject.

Start Time

2:00 pm

February 15, 2022

Finish Time

3:30 pm

February 15, 2022

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