Business Talk SDGs provide a platform for organizations in Pakistan to share their SDG Journey with peer organizations and other relevant stakeholders for widening the scope of collective action.

There is a big opportunity for business leaders at this level to take advantage of the value that strategic SDG alignment can bring to their businesses. The private sector in Pakistan is actively involved and can play a pivotal role in aligning their business strategies with SDGs with a view to elevate ambition for greater collective action to achieve the 2030 agenda.

Business Talk SDGs will provide you the opportunity to;

Hear from the hosting organization about their SDG Journey.

Engage with a number of other businesses and stakeholders who will highlight global SDG trends.

Identify the key challenges and discover innovative approaches and tools to deal with those challenges in SDGs implementation.

Share knowledge on collective action for widening the role of the private sector and the stakeholders in the promotion and implementation of SDGs.

Unpack sound advice on the existing knowledge and means to implement the SDGs targets.

Past Events

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