Benefits of joining the Global Compact

Benefits of joining the

Provides knowledge, information, ideas and initiative to its members in promoting the principles of the Global Compact and integrating them in the work culture of member organizations.

Liaise between member organizations, Local Network, Regional Networks, ESCAP, GC Headquarter at NY in disseminating information on national, regional and global developments in GC initiatives.

Offers invitations to attend international conferences, seminars, workshops on GC initiatives.

Arranges training program for member enterprises at the beginners and advanced level in important areas, such as, 14D strategic planning kit, creating value through GC Principles, creating theory of change for long-term action, building effective CSR Management System, Dilemma Game, Embedding the value chain, Developing Action plan for sustainable growth through GC Compliance.

Assists member organizations in preparing Communication on Progress and arranges training programs for the same.

Organizes periodical Business Talk CSR meetings providing members a forum to share their experiences, progress & practices.

Organizes Annual Living the Global Compact Responsible Business Award contest vetted by international Jury providing national and international recognition to the GC champion companies in Pakistan.

Develops Case studies of the best practices by companies for widest dissemination among business and academia, locally and globally.

Provides corporate sustainability advisory services at the doorsteps of its members through a team of professionally trained experts.

Provides a powerful UN leveraged platform for government, business, academia and civil society for policy dialogue and collective action in matters of national and international concerns an interest such as Caring for climate, Responsible Investment, Responsible Management Education, Youth and Women Empowerment, etc.

Acts as a sustainability action hub to facilitate transformative actions and solutions with impact on broader issues such as corruption, environment and connect its members to the most advanced Corporate Sustainability performers – the front runners leading the way to the next generation in Sustainability Performance.