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“Women should be recognized on merit, not gender” ~~ Musharaf Hai

Ms Musharaf Hai, Former CEO of Unilever and L’Oreal, said that the entry of women in Corporate Sector and Trade Associations should be based on merit and not because of their gender. Biases, prejudice, and preconceptions make it difficult for women to come forward. Women should be courageous and not succumb to conforming what others say. Women should exhibit their knowledge, expertise, and competence to counter negativity in their march forward. As Chief Guest, she was addressing a large audience at the National Conference on Gender Equality hosted by Global Compact Network Pakistan in Karachi.

Ms Hai advised the women audience that they should not box themselves up, but must arm themselves with required knowledge, laws and regulations if they want to change their surrounding environment. If strong women were not visible then their very purpose would face setbacks. She advised that three important qualities are important for women to excel, progress, and scale. Women must have confidence in themselves and their profession or careers. They must possess integrity of purpose and for this they have to be fearless. Moreover, it is crucial that they move ahead with perseverance and face any adversity in their way.

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Start Time

2:00 pm

August 24, 2023

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4:30 pm

August 24, 2023


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