In Conversation With Champions Leading on SDG-9 “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”

Sustainable Development Goal 9 seeks to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation. During the webinar, the Speakers talked about the initiatives taken by their organization to achieve this goal. They also explained that they are adopting string policies that offset the carbon footprint for the wellbeing of the people and planet and exploring new technologies that will reduce the consumption of water, enhance productivity and reduce energy consumption. Speakers: Mr. Anis Sheikh CEO from BASE-H Technologies. Ms. Kinza Ejaz, CSR and Sustainability Initiative Manager from Chottani Industries. GCNP In Conversation Webinar Series provides a unique learning opportunity through a light and engaging conversation with changemakers in Pakistan who share their insights on what they have been doing to ‘activate’ their organizations and their networks for doing good to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). If you liked this webinar and want to be a part of the GCNP In Conversation series like this one, please click here:

Start Time

2:30 pm

September 1, 2021

Finish Time

3:30 pm

September 1, 2021

Event Participants

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