GCNP inaugurates Net-Zero Research Challenge 2023

GCNP inaugurates Net-Zero Research Challenge 2023

“Experiential learning is an important tool under the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) and this collaborative project between our corporate partners: PARCO, Artistic Milliners, AGI Denim, and Roshan Packages and academic partners: IBA, NED University and Iqra University will be an important step in strengthening the linkage between the academia and business organizations”. This was stated by Mr. Majyd Aziz, President of UN Global Compact Network Pakistan, while addressing the stakeholders of the Net-Zero Research Challenge during the Introductory Session on 9 June 2023 in Karachi.

“In Pakistan, learning case studies in universities on sustainability and climate action are based on organizations from either Europe or the Asia Pacific. The Net Zero Research Challenge is a collaborative project in which four research teams from different universities will conduct research and prepare case studies on initiatives and policy reforms taken by four leading business organizations from Pakistan”. Explained by Mr. Debaaj Abidi, Project Consultant, while briefing the audience about the project’s background and objectives.

Dr. Bashir Ahmed, Dean of Suffa University, emphasized on starting similar collaborative initiatives to expand the learning exposure of students and faculty. “In many universities, when you ask students and faculty about Net-Zero Pakistan or sustainable business practices for Climate Action, you realize that knowledge is very limited. Similar projects must be undertaken so that the gap between what is being taught in universities and what is expected by recruiters is narrowed down”, said Dr. Ahmed at the end of his session.

Dr. Zubair Bawany, Acting Executive Director of the UN Global Compact Network, during his session, talked about how important sustainability is for business organizations. “Globally, it is expected that if a business enterprise doesn’t adopt and adapt sustainability in their operations and policies by 2025, then they would become irrelevant because now everyone, including their customers are raising questions. Net-Zero Pakistan’s targets are very significant but the best part about sustainability is that it can be taken by every individual”. He further explained how the case studies prepared by research teams will not only be forwarded to universities in Pakistan but also to the UN Global Network team in New York as well.

In the closing remarks, Ms. Nuzhat Jahan, Secretary General UN Global Compact Network Pakistan, thanked all the stakeholders particularly the Engro Foundation for their support. She recited a memory note for the late Mr. Fasihul Karim Siddiqi, Executive Director of UNGCNP, who passed away recently. “Mr. Siddiqi was the founder of UN Global Compact Network Pakistan and was committed to business sustainability in Pakistan. He led the team in difficult times and treated all of us as family. His legacy will stay with us forever.”