Measure and Manage Your Company's Social & Environmental Impact!

SDGme is our lite web and mobile-based ESGs and SDGs Assessment Solution to enable businesses to take action on the Sustainable Development Goals through to 2030.

We’re empowering people in companies with a scalable, comprehensive, Sustainability Tech4Good Toolkit that becomes your one-stop shop for assessment, benchmarking, analysis and reporting.

Our SDGme Assessment measures the impact of how a company’s operations affect our environment and society. A company’s score is calculated by aggregating its impact on the environmental, social and governance challenges.

We’re delighted to offer the SDGme Baseline Assessment service (level 1) for companies delivered through Quantum 5.0 and and the UN  Global Compact Network Pakistan.

This assessment will present a baseline ‘Where are we right now’ on the SDGs Journey at Your Company AND also presents a ‘helicopter’ view of your sustainability impact giving you scores against all 17 SDGs and the ESGs. You can then from there, glean what’s actually happening within the business through Sustainability and the likely opportunities around Sustainability (and Customer expectation) and of course appetite for change.
This also provides you with a direction you could/should take to realise the Vision, what’s achievable, manageable and ambitious and we are happy to be engaged to help you set that Roadmap as a Phase2.

Level 1 SDGme Baseline Sustainability & ESG

£1500 Sustainability &ESG Assessment & Report only

£2500 Sustainability & ESG Assessment & Report + Certification
(includes SDGme certification and use of tag line ‘Certified SDGme organisation’)

In addition and to compliment the above, we can offer the following services and assessments to you:

v  Roadmap & Indicator mapping
·         Corporates £4000
We’ll help you reshape your narrative & build your sustainability roadmap. This is the best approach to directly influence your company’s management, decision-making process, performance, and accountability. During the process, your company will be able to build a clear framework of action and successful reaction to change, strengthening its Sustainability or Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) strategy and business approach, while improving its reputation amongst stakeholders.
v  Drafting Company Sustainability narrative for Website and External Stakeholders £1000
We’ll include a ‘Sustainability Where we are right now and our road to 2030’ draft for your Website and for you to use within your stakeholder networks
v  Sustainability Report Writing Services from £2500
Tell us how much support you need to get your report drafted and published
v  Supply Chain compliance Assessments (Sustainable Procurement) £1500
v  Level 2 Assessments £3500
v  Level 3 Lead, Shape, Innovate £5,500

If you would like some friendly advice or support in transforming your approach

to sustainability and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, please visit